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Do you want a solid connection to your customers? The ability to reach and meet their needs? A presence that’s fast and powerful? Zerin Technologies can make it happen!

Computer and Phone

Develop Smarter

We'll Build the Best Web App for You

Using modern technologies, we make it easy and cheap to have some of the best web apps on the internet and in the app store.

Responsive Design

We build products to meet the needs of people wherever they are. Our apps and websites work great on phones, tablets, and computers.

Real Time Updating

No more static websites. Because we use Firebase, your customers will be up-to-date as soon as changes happen.

Modern Technology

We use the most up-to-date and proven technology. We understand the value of being on the cutting edge while still being reliable.

Make it an App

The sites we make are mobile-friendly and, with tools like Capacitor, can be turned into a genuine app for iOS and Android.

Optimized for Searching

We'll optimize your digital content for superior natural listings on Google, Bing, The Apple App Store, and Google Play Store.

Going Above and Beyond

We never settle for clones of other websites or apps, but will go out of our way to give yours the flare it needs to stand out from the crowd.

Why Choose Zerin Technologies

Skilled, Committed, and Cutting-Edge

Why Us

What We Do

Conquering Mountains

We know it’s hard to find the right developer for your digital business needs. If you're looking for a small company that uses modern technology, that’s committed to contributing to your online goals, and with high skills and experience at a low cost, then look no further. We know we’re not the best option for every situation, but you can count on us to put in our best effort for your company.

We will work with you to get your online presence right. We say “online presence” because we know that you want more than a website; you want a connection to your customers, the ability to reach and meet their needs. A good-looking website is nice, but a real presence will do much more for you and your customers.


Who We Are

Conquering Mountains

Zerin Technologies was established in 2019 as an app development company. We released our first app, Family Tools, in 2020. The next year, we decided to extend our development abilities to businesses, and began offering services for both app and website development. We currently develop and maintain websites and apps for other businesses. Our own website—this one—is a great example of the work we do.

Headquartered in Layton, Utah, Zerin Tech is a small company founded by two partners, a father and son duo who together bring expertise, experience, and youthful enthusiasm to the table. Along with the support of the rest of our team, we have what it takes to meet your digital development and online presence needs.

Our Experience

How We are Qualified

Conquering Mountains

Zerin Technologies may be a new company, but that doesn’t mean we lack experience. Barry, one of the founding partners, has been involved with web design and internet-related services since 1997. His background goes beyond development; he also has knowledge in web hosting, domain names, wordpress, SEO, and website promotion. Asher, the other founding partner, is our lead developer and has rich experience in both frontend and backend development. He uses the latest cutting-edge technology which today’s platforms support.

Our team also consists of part-time and situational team members that bring more skills when projects require their expertise. We only call on them when needed, which enables us to have expansive skill variety while keeping our overhead low.

Tech We Use

What We Specialize In

Conquering Mountains
  • NuxtJS

    NuxtJS - We write all the frontend code in this, the basic foundation for our web apps.

  • Tailwind CSS

    Tailwind CSS - All our styling is done in Tailwind CSS, making designing quicker when combined with NuxtJS.

  • Firebase

    Firebase - Backend, Hosting, and Authentication all in one. Firebase gives us all the tools we need while keeping things cheap for you.

  • Capacitor

    Capacitor - This gives us the power to make our web apps into mobile apps.

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