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Family Tools

Family Tools

Unifying Families

Family Tools is where our company got its start. Development began in mid-2019 and it was released in June of 2020. We still update the app regularly.

Family Tools is designed to make family organization fun. The built-in achievement system aims to get kids excited and includes many unlockables, such as profile icons, color schemes, and backgrounds. These are unlocked by points earned from completing chores, making events on the family calendar, adding items to a family shopping list, hitting milestones (such as completing 50 chores), etc.

The app can help with:

  • Keeping track of chores and homework
  • Grocery Lists and Wish Lists for everyone in the family
  • Keeping track of when things are going on
  • Organizing family vacations
  • And much more!

Family Tools is both a web app and a mobile app. Modern technology makes it available on the web, in the App Store, and the Google Play Store, all using the same code base.

Technologies we use on this project:

NuxtJS Tailwind CSS Tailwind CSS Tailwind CSS